IMAX Safari Giraffe Herd in Nickel (Set of 4)

Off Safari Giraffe Herd Set of Four by IMAX. nickel finished member of our giraffe herd has a unique texture and height, allowing for the set to stay together or go their separate ways.

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I DO SEE IT!!!! NEED. Now. lovelovelovelovelovelove!    $10.80 Keep Calm and Love Giraffes  Pastel Yellow \  by simplygiftsonline   I hope Erin sees this! ;)

keep calme and love giraffes! I hate these keep calm and things but I had to pin this one cuz it's giraffes!

A lottle. He he.

Cute friendship quotes

I think this one is not a friend one more like a guy one so this post is for Mark. I only like you a lottle

Who wouldn't want to be pink!

Always Be Yourself. Unless you can be a pink giraffe. Then, of course, you should always be a Pink Giraffe if not a unicorn any way then pink giraffe yep

I love all this separated art. AAH WE COULD MAKE SOME ART OURSELVES AND PUT IT UP! (and even without art skillz, we can totally splash paint across canvases)

I want this! Items similar to Giraffe Painting - Pink Giraffe Art - Nursery Art - Brown White - Zoo Animal Silhouette - Safari Wall Art 18 x 24 (Set of .

Looking up to mummy

Taken at Belfast Zoo and converted into black and white using Photoshop.