Haha oh he a fancy giraffe! -- anything with a mustache reminds me of Anne Carver

Жирафик... Простите)

Ridiculously long giraffe- haha you just wasted 10 seconds of your life scrolling to the bottom of this picture ;

i think giraffes are so beautiful

i think giraffes are so beautiful

Hahahahahaha! :)  Okay, this makes me look cocky and full of it. But I think this is cool. :)

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

Rocking Giraffe Original Cat Folk Art Painting by KilkennycatArt:

Two tuxedo cats riding on a rocking giraffe. This is the first in my "rocking" series that isn't a bird!

Giraffe mother Malindi caresses her daughter at Duisburg zoo. Visitors were asked to make suggestions for a name for the youngster.

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I Do by Carrie Bradshaw - one of my besties read this at my wedding, queue tears now!

Girafa Eiffel

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I'm Game (giraffe) - womens - The perfect Sanuk to set your inner Queen of the Jungle free. www.sanuk.com

I'm Game (giraffe) - womens - The perfect Sanuk to set your inner Queen of the Jungle free.

Tough life they have...

Funny pictures about Things giraffes hate. Oh, and cool pics about Things giraffes hate. Also, Things giraffes hate photos.

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Writing Prompt: What's the giraffe trying to say? This is Genevieve the Giraffe. She has always wanted to sing opera. Here she is seen doing vocal exercises to warm up her vocal cords. WHHOOOOP WHHOOOOP - what day is it : Tuesday - day before HUMP DAY