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Funny Stuff!  Last Minute Tips & Tricks for Making a Messy House Seem Clean er!   Reader Intelligence Report
This trick seriously works

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Pillows with Sunlight

I CAN BREATH | TheyAllHateUs
How To Get Rid of Stuff (and Simplify Your Life) Apartment Therapy Video Roundup

How To Get Rid of Stuff (and Simplify Your Life)

Rental Roundup:  Our Best Tips &  Renters Solutions. Some articles include "10 Ways to Customize a Rental Bathroom," and "The Ultimate Way to Make Rental More Energy Efficient." Definitely some great tips here!

Rental Roundup: Our Best Tips

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Everything you need to know about reupholstering vintage pieces by Emily Henderson. And oh hey, that's my house!
Not sure if it's 1970s, but I love it all: the chinoiserie couch, the old oil paintings next to the modern vase lamp, the woman's blue hair to match to room.