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Armail Owl - unmounted Rubber Stp

Crafty Individuals Unmounted Rubber Stamp Airmail Owl - New Love these new Stamp, they are extremely well made and a great price.

Baby Great Horned Owl

❤absolutely adorable little owl ❤. Another great toy owl.

Owl in winter

No, snowy owls don't have blue eyes. This is not a photo of an owl.it is a fanciful "digital panting" with the usual yellow eyes of the snow owl changed to blue just for a "neat effect.

Asian Brown Wood Owl. This handsome old world owl inhabits parts of Asia including India, southern China, and Burma, and is distinguished by it saucer shaped face with light brown markings and thin horizontal chest bars.

Asian Brown Wood Owl at the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Great Britain. I love owls!

What a Beauty !!

The large white owl that with eye is blind,That hath sate for years in the old…


Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) is a small owl native to North America.


Strike a pose! Eurasian Eagle Owl (bubo bubo) by Helen Priem (Needlefelted…

A pair of owls, they look so sweet.

Two inquisitive baby northern saw whet owl chicks are pondering whether a colorful spiny caterpillar would make a good snack. Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar