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Not true.Christians lived in Muslim counties for hundreds of years without trouble . there could not be Christians in Muslim countries if they were murdered over the last thousand years .they would have fled like they are now doing.

#weekendwithbernie  SOCIALISM is a lie that makes a 1% rich.  Screw sanders.

Socialism: people lined up waiting for bread. Capitalism: bread lined up waiting for people. See the difference?

Is this is the America THOUGHT by our FOUNDING FATHERS....? *Republican post, but very truthful

This is America? elect a Conservative, time for sone major Push-Back America!

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Place:This is one racist bastard! and to think I always admired his acting ability, it's hard to separate that from reality

Oscar's 2014 selfie

“Contrived PR play or not, Samsung is going to be very happy with that Ellen/Bradley Cooper selfie at the Oscars.

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Burst with excitement!