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It's true! Ever since I started watching anime my expectations for a "cute" boy in real life went WAY up!!!!

Anime crushes are the best out of all fictional crushes. Sebastian Michaelis is one of my fictional crushes FO SHO

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Awesome moment - First sentence learned: Are you okay? (i was watching alot of bleach at the time) and you know what the answer should always be NO! they are not ok did you see that wall they busted through with their head?

This whole week the opening to Red Data Girl has been stuck in my head after a while it'll switch to the Black Butler opening sonetimes they'll mash together too XD

"I close my eye the touch of you fingers through monochrome the memory lingers" Monochrome no kiss SID bb opening

Cool story, bro... -- {anime, manga, otaku, kawaii, fangirl}

Cool story, bro... -- {anime, manga, otaku, kawaii, fangirl}

School-it's evil

My parents tell me that anime gets in the way of school, but I think school gets in the way of anime, text, anime girl, brown hair; Otaku Please tell me the name of this Anime and/or character if you know

when it suddenly decides it's not going to load the next episode that you NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED ARGH

In my case: bad internet connection, constant buffering, limited wifi, etc.