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Oh gods Percy....

Oh gods Percy.

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percyjackson, pjo, trialsofapollo, toa, percy<<<< Don't forget Percy is going to have a little sister! << And Solangelo is canon!

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The signatures are perfect, Jason's is all perfect and Leo's is huge and humorous and Piper is "the perfect handwriting girl" and then Nico's just there

I love Nico's cute little signature in the corner, as if he feels insignificant. [Heroes of Olympus: Christmas Card]

Fans of percy Jackson and the hunters should know who said this

Zoe NIghtshade, one of my favorite quotes. I'm honestly just sitting in my English class trying not to cry like I can't even my feels are broken.

Real punny Percy...REAL punny. -_-

Rachel: So, demigods. I thought you guys were just a myth. Percy : Well you were Mythtaken

You know you're the weird fandom when you could truthfully and actually picture your main character teaching a water aerobics class