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Wtf they got it so right all the horoscope things kinda creep me out woth how acurate they are

Libra Temper  ~~  Although we rarely loose it, when we do... others better watch out!!!     LOL!

The Best Zodiac Facts

Oh how true…Libra Temper ~~ Although we rarely loose it, when we do… others better watch out!

All me! I'll do whatever for my main love..especially my kids!!!!!!

There is no doubt that Libra is one of the most compelling signs of the zodiac. Their captivating charm and good-natured personalities make them everyone's ideal friend. But there is so much more to a Libra than what you see on the surface.

The Libra rejects slobs, ignorant airheads, and show-offy people. The like clean, down-to-earth friends.

I don't have much friends and 3 of them are awesome, 1 I wish would return. I hope Diane, Debbie, Peter and Ryan are safe & out of harms way.