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Two of my favorite things!!! Fountain pens that look like sonic screwdrivers

Montblanc Fountain Pen Porn To Drool Over

Two of my favorite things! Fountain pens that look like sonic screwdrivers or steampunk accessories,


* Single shoulder * Hand crafted * Segmental spaulder is made of waxed leather mm thick. Leather belts with brass buckles are fixed / men's fashion / cosplay / LARP / post apocalyptic inspiration / wasteland gear

Cooler Geeks - A purse that stays put, and isnt easily lost. #geeky #coolthingstobuy #thatseasier

Fashion and Action: Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Gunslinger Holster Style Bag. I have finally found a purse I want!

Animal sculptures made by old hubcaps. Artist: Ptolemy Elringto

British artist Ptolemy Elrington Recycles Old Hubcaps Into Beautiful Animal Sculptures. Ptolemy collects thousands of old abandoned hubcaps from all …

Mechanical clockwork bug

Mike Libby is a Maine-based artist who glues old watch parts on dead bugs to create steampunk looking insects. Which actually seem pretty cool until you realize that this is what robots will really look like in a few.