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Steampunk iRetrofone. Stationary iPhone dock with working handset, USB compatible. Just fantastic!

Take a look at the iRetrofone Steampunk dock for iPhone, how cool. "The iRetrofone Steampunk dock for iPhone from freelandstudios is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in thick urethane resin. Using your own docking cable, the iRetrofone dock.

Propnomicon: The Radhost Complector

The Radhost Complector shows its bearer the way to other world realms and planes of existence. Etched inside you will find many dead ends and oubliettes tempting you to stray from the paths that lead to Avalon, Atlantis, Asgard, Midgard, Helheim and tir N

Awesome steampunk'd camera that really works! http://www.etsy.com/listing/88803650/steampunk-digital-camera-mod

Steampunk digital camera mod - Hatton Cross Steampunk United Geekdom Of GNU/Linux

This coat is so adorable - wearing it will make you forget all about that time your head got chopped off in the woods by savage Indians.

DieselSteamGypsy - even though it fits under steampunk, I want it just for day-to-day wear

Steampunk gun Victorian Nerf N-Strike Maverick Zombie Fall Out Soft Dart toy by OldJunkyardBoutique


Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol----even cooler than the ones carried by Warehouse agents!