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- #AgentCarter #PeggyCarter #SharonCarter #Agent13 #HayleyAtwell #EmilyVanCamp

- #AgentCarter #PeggyCarter #SharonCarter #Agent13 #HayleyAtwell #EmilyVanCamp

Trojan War Humor

Trojan War Humor

Una erupción volcánica en India ayudó a acabar con los dinosaurios http://w.abc.es/ygkmzr

Una erupción volcánica en India ayudó a acabar con los dinosaurios

Before an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, Earth experienced a short burst of intense volcanism. Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid more than five miles .

Unmasked: molecular mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis revealed - http://scienceblog.com/483458/unmasked-molecular-mechanism-rheumatoid-arthritis-revealed/

In a new study in Science Translational Medicine, Stanford rheumatologist and immunologist Connie Weyand, MD, and her colleagues have figured out what sparks the aberrant activation .

The waiter's weight:  Heavy waiters mean heavier meals - http://scienceblog.com/479986/waiters-weight-heavy-waiters-mean-heavier-meals/

Whether you order a dessert or a drink might depend on your waiter. it’s how much they weigh.

Teach your students the RIGHT way to build an email with this 45-minute lesson. Click HERE!

How to Write Email, Email Netiquette, Effective Real-World Business Writing CCSS

This pin gives an example of a website students can use in order to learn how to write a proper email. Teachers should give students links that they can use to improve their netiquette skills.


My heart swells, how can so much feeling be inside me. In a way everything 11 is is only around because of the first

Potential new target identified for treating itch - https://scienceblog.com/486196/potential-new-target-identified-treating-itch/

Researchers have found how sensory nerve cells work together to transmit itch signals from the skin to the spinal cord, where neurons then carry those signals to the brain. Their discovery may help sc.