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What kind of runners would runDisney characters be? Disney Princess Cinderella is the back-of-the-pack runner who works hard to make her dreams come true.

Not sure if liking sad status shows support.

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they like its betta than yours hahahah idk why i love this dude

One Sixteen by Trip Lee, KB & Andy Mineo, featuring Joseph Ducreux

Found a nice one with Brian Regan! Awesome jokes!

Does anyone else on here love Brian Regan?

I am a Brian Regan fan!

If you watch Jaws backwards it is the story of a magical shark who gives birth to people from its mouth.

funny disney movie pics with captions

Keeping me in stitches!

Funny pictures about Wii knitting. Oh, and cool pics about Wii knitting. Also, Wii knitting.

Fifteen more e-cards carrying messages of humor and vulgarity. E-cards from .

Crochet funnies

Save Money on Yarn with the Crafty Coupon Roundup! - moogly This baby lol is the best for everything pinning because it's funny


Happy New Year from Alpaca Direct!

"Welcome to my home: where you’re always in danger of sitting on a crochet hook or stepping on a yarn needle!":

Grandma's Grapevine: Yarn-over, yarn-over it's off to work we go!

"Yes, crochet and knitting both are hobbies that use yarn. Basketball and football are both sports that use balls, so does that make them the "same thing", too?"

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What did you say? I have too much yarn! Watch your filthy mouth!

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: You shut your mouth when Jesse Rutherford is singing to me.

#knitting thought of you @Heather mcginnis

Sir Knits-a-lot hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

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Free, Cry For Help Ecard: I can't stop collecting crochet patterns even though it would take 257 years to finish what I already have.

Ahhhh.....like this.

Adorable Animals in Sweaters