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Why am I crying at this? I miss you so much, Andrew

Someone from Crescent City, California, US posted a whisper, which reads "Our cat scratched me so my boyfriend chased after her while yelling "I will avenge my maiden!" Ladies get yourself a dork it makes life so much more fun "

Your first thought is what you've been conditioned to think; what you think next defines who you are.

Pinned by Elsa Frost <<not sure if someone's real name. or if they're really invested in their ship.<<<<<omg this is the greatest comment I have ever seen<<<I normally delete pin descriptions but that's amazing xD

Forever together

A story of love in action: "She says she never wants to sleep without me.I had a hemorrhage in my brain stem and spent a week in the hospital. She marched right through that hospital policy with a blanket and a pillow!