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Dental Pick-Up-Line: Hey baby if you were a polishing disc you'd be Superfine.

Why does laying in my chair suddenly make you think you can't swallow your own saliva?! You do not need to sit up and spit or make weird faces and noises while pointing at the saliva ejector...just swallow it or wait! It will not drown you or poison you for goodness sakes!

Patient: Can I swallow? Hygienist, Assistant, & Dentist: No! Your own saliva is toxic. Why does laying down in a dental chair suddenly make people think they can't swallow their own saliva?

Teeth minions

Minions Which tooth resembles you the most: Incisor, Canine, Premolar, Molar or Wisdom Tooth?

I See Numb People button- dental humor

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If the "I can't believe it's not butter" slogan applies to your teeth. Go to the dentist NOW!


Loose tooth original dental art collectable artist proof teeth anthony falbo

Knocked Out Tooth Poster Print Dental Art Collectable Dentist Cubism Anthony Falbo

Dentaltown - When you find yourself staring at the curing light!

- When you find yourself staring at the curing light! lol I do this all the time pretty blue light

A Guide to Cosmetic Dental Care & Online Dental Advertising: What you should know

I got 99 problems, but my teeth ain't one. I take pride in my healthy teeth, this is sooooo funny!