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The greatest living actress--hands down.

Actress Meryl Streep will receive an honorary doctoral degree during an April visit to Indiana University's Bloomington campus, where she is expected to speak at IU Auditorium and screen a retrospective of her films at IU Cinema.

Meryl Streep

I don't think there is a Meryl Streep movie I don't like. I just love her! (“It’s my favorite one because they scraped all the crap off my face,” Streep says of this 2002 portrait.

Goddesses of the Silver Screen

Goddesses of the Silver Screen

Elle est aussi imprévisible dans la vie qu’à l’écran. http://www.elle.fr/People/La-vie-des-people/News/Meryl-Streep-ensorcele-Mark-Ruffalo-avec-un-baiser-2878018

Meryl Streep ensorcèle Mark Ruffalo avec un baiser

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Talent is a sacrament, and one doled out by a miserly God, who understands that its worth is sustained by its rarity, and its value increases when the ecstasy it releases upon exposure is felt by those who understand and appreciate it — those who can recognize it.   Talent is not to be confused with genius. As rare as talent is — and it is — it is given to far more people. You find genius as often as you find a unicorn or a kind act offered without the expectation of a return.  Meryl Streep

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Meryl Streep. I adore this woman and everything she stands for. Style, grace, beauty, peace, freedom and femininity. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I love her. Xxx

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1979-2009: Wearing the same dress 30 years later

1979-2009: Wearing the same dress 30 years later