Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Three: Respect The Property Of Others. Original Oil Painting. Janet Hill.

Janet Hill, Miss Moon Was a Dog Governess, Lesson Three: Respect the Property of Others.

A Miss Moon Christmas. Lesson Two: Winter by janethillstudio 12x14 $650

A Miss Moon Christmas. Lesson Two: Winter Clothing Is Meant To Be Warm, Not Stylish. by Janet Hill (Oil on canvas,

All Hallows' Eve, Hell's Kitchen, New York, 1989 ~ 7½x9½" original art print by Janet Hill, $26 | via Janet Hill Studio @ Etsy

'All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York Janet Hill

La matriarca di Black Walnut Manor.  Janet Hill

The Matriarch Of Black Walnut Manor. Silke Was An Inventor, An Amateur Ornithologist And Kept A Well Ordered House- Janet Hill