morgan freeman

Celebrated for his roles in: Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, Invictus. Fun Fact: Morgan Freeman served in the US Air Force as a mechanic between 1955 and My favorite actor of all time.

"Stillness. That's all and that's the hardest thing." - Morgan Freeman

The Morgan Freeman Story, by Tom Chiarella

If I had to choose one person to narrate my life, hands down, Morgan Freeman. Love this man

Steve Jobs - Breaking moulds. Albert Watson - Quality and innovation. Like minded then.

This is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. This is an interesting look into the life of Steve Jobs and is an excellent read. Anyone interested in the history of great influences on technology should read this book. Jobs was a great businessman.

Morgan Freeman

Boogie Man Journal: Morgan Freeman's response to the shootings. Probably the most accurate insight heard yet.

Extraordinary photography by Michael Muller

Extraordinary photography by Michael Muller

Bruce Willis by Michael Muller. Beautiful black and white photo. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's Bruce.

Sir Ian Murray McKellen, English actor. Among the greatest actors of his generation ~ Born May 25, 1939 – get happy AFTER age 50

Sir Ian McKellan (Gandalf in Lord of the Rings) at 72 Hes one of my favorite actors because spite the fact hes famous hes so down to earth!

Got to see him speak at UK with @anp19  and he was amazing, and such a humble person! Made me love him more!✔️

'People know my voice before they see my face. It's what I always wanted': The world according to Morgan Freeman

Incredible "True Facts About Morgan Freeman"

True, Hilarious Facts About the Life of Morgan Freeman [VIDEO]

Incredible "True Facts About Morgan Freeman" narrated by Morgan Freeman himself!

Morgan Freeman - Love this old cowboy... I'm so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting him...

Morgan Freeman has spent a lifetime becoming one of Hollywood’s A-listers, but there’d rather be than his Mississippi home

Robert Reford

Robert Redford, just take as long as you want drinking in his gorgeous face. whew Robert Redford is my celebrity crush, I'm telling you

Morgan Freeman just contributed 1 million dollars to the Obama Super Pac. I LOVE this guy!!!

Delta Blues Highway

Travel Blues Highway on Route 61 from Memphis to Merigold, Mississippi, for juke joints, hot tamales, and Morgan Freeman for a great Southern road

Russell Crowe, looks good but he is a Pit Bull and will knock your a** out for looking at him wrong.

Les Mis Australian actor Russell Crowe plays Inspector Javert in the Tom Hooper directed big screen adaptation of the acclaimed musical Les Misérables.