Itty Bitty Witties (cards)

Itty Bitty Witty Knitties Cards "Friends don't let friends knit drunk." (Swatch is full of knots etc)

oh my goodness!! LOL!!

I love knitting quotes, cartoons, and memes. But they aren't nearly as much fun unless they're shared with people like you who get the joke.

Knitting, gardening, weaving, canning, building things, sewing. Surely someone will keep me alive during the apocalypse. I'd be very useful. after things settle.

How would you fare in a post apocalyptic world?

It's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill. Too bad it's yarn with knitting needles, instead of a crochet hook. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 88 Pics

Oh My Gosh!! i have fallen in love with this video!

Shit Knitters Say

Shit Knitters Say - "I'm on a yarn diet" "My husband can't know I bought more yarn.


To Knit Or Not To Knit Mug

Now, that's just a silly question. Of course, you're going to knit! A cute design in pink, green and purple with a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles on apparel and more gifts for a knitter.

Yarn Typography Ads: The Knit Cafe Campaign Invites People to Create Over Coffee (by MacLaren McCann, Toronto)

Yarn Typography Ads

got wool?

Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters.

New answer to "what are you doing?"

Stitch ‘n Bitch Groups

If you knit. Knitting socially is almost always associated with coffee, tea and cake; ) KNiTworking is a list of SnB's and knitting groups in Dublin. Please check our Ravelry gro.