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Den rette pære i lampen kan være med til at skåne miljøet!

Den rette pære i lampen kan være med til at skåne miljøet!

If you've ever struggled to find just the right thread to match a fabric in your sewing project, stress no more. The Leitfaden Sewing Machine can custom match color from fabric or paper and then cr...

Custom CMYK Sewing Machine Matches Thread to Fabric

I WANT THIS! Check out this sewing machine! You load up white thread and the machine dyes the thread to match your fabric color. It does it while you sew. I dont sew but this is pretty awesome

5 Clever Gadgets For Your Home and Kitchen

We've rounded up some clever gadgets for your home and kitchen. I love the cutting board and the breakfast station


City Rain glass by Design. The contrast between glass and high water-absorption concrete evokes wet streets and rain-streaked windows. Each concrete base is made by hand in a painstaking weeklong process.

Electrolux Fireplace  This fireplace created by Camillo Vanacore for Electrolux looks almost magical because of its transformation from off to on, from an opaque ceramic column to a transparent one.

30 Cool High Tech Gadgets To Give Your Home A Futuristic Look

Electrolux Fireplace by Camillo Vanacore. Electrolux Fireplace by Camillo Vanacore. The portable ceramic fireplace goes from opaque to translucent as it warms up and then becomes opaque once more as it cools down. Alas, it is only conceptual at this time.

Funniest white elephant gift ever!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Nos gustan los vaqueros y los Muffins. Muffin Tops Baking Cups are too funny and everyone on the team got a laugh ) PD


木の形をモチーフとしたスマートフォン用充電器「growingtree」: DesignWorks Archive

Cool: Sub Morning Alarm    This alarm clock concept literally won't stop honking until you've submerged it in water. Now you'll have one less excuse if you're late for work in the morning.    Love it~

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

These "Sub Morning" alarm clocks must be submerged in water before turning off. I love great alarm clock ideas that force me out of bed. those who know me know how bad I need it.

Blend and go...this is perfect.

Blend and go.mix up a single serving of your favorite smoothie. Pop on the sports lid, and you're off! This would be perfect for morning smoothies! I have this for my protein shakes and LOVE it!

Here is a diver shaped tea infuser, maybe the unique diver also came from the yellow submarine. If you like the professional diver, let's go on checking the

Gota Dishwasher: Tiny and Practical; would be great for a dorm?!!

Gota Dishwasher

this is a dishwasher ! Gota tiny portable dishwasher Dishwashers and Tiny Houses: 4 ways it works, but is it even worth it?

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug with this sippin' lid.  I know SO many hipsters that would love this.  $8  Try using a FREE plastic coffee top from the gas station....grab a few each time u but a coffee....just screw the top on.

mason jar? or traveling mug?

Cuppow - Turn a Canning jar into a Travel mug My friend Aaron made a drinking lid for Mason Jars. WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY? “ This is CUPPOW - our solution for easier drinking from a canning jar.

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer at Brookstone

Buy the Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer at Brookstone. Eliminate germs safely through ultraviolet light with this Zapi toothbrush sanitizer.

A water proof phone case. This allows you to take pictures and videos under water Keep Your iPad dry at the Pool - try a suction-mount, waterproof Splashtablet iPad Case.  Free Shipping! Under $40. On Amazon. Great Reviews

waterproof iPhone case allows you to take pics & video underwater! A must have lake accessory. I need this just bc I am clumsy and I can't even imagine what will happen with my phone at the beach this summer😂