This charming evening gown in white tulle by Dognin signed Jeanne Lafaurie is enhanced by pale pink roses /page 57

Ladies in 1940s dresses

New Year, New You: Four Style Ideas to Add Vintage Glam to Your Look

Classy Ladies in dresses fashion war era WWII rayon print dress found photo models magazine ad shoes hat purse gloves ~

Margaret Campbell, 1932.

Fabric looks like my vintage cream summer dress. Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll looking like she just stepped out of a fashion show (photograph by Bassano, is style regardless of the age

The work that went into this! Beautiful

Pierre Balmain 1953 Evening Gown, Scemama Necklace, Pottier photography by Philippe Pottier — original fashion print

Suzy Parker wearing a white fitted dress with shawl, 1950s. Luxury Silk Lounge and Sleepwear

Suzy Parker by Terb Agency, I love fancy scarves and wraps on a simple classic dress or even jeans and sweater ensemble white sheath dress cocktail wiggle pencil color photo print ad supermodel

Dorian Leigh and sister Suzy Parker on vacation in Cannes: photo by Willy Rizzo, 1954

Suzy Parker & sister Dorian Leigh in front of the Carlton where they are staying while on vacation in Cannes, photo by Willy Rizzo, August 1954

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Oak leaf dress by House of Worth, copyright of the Fashion Museum in Bath and the NE Somerset Council. The oak leaf dress was created in 1903