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Remember when we were served meals on airplanes? Now, unless you fly class, you only get peanuts or pretzels and a can of soda or bottle of water. Remembering back on the food prep, I think I'll be happy with the pretzels!

This Is What Your Flight Looked Like In The Fifties

Pan American World Airways flight attendant preparing in-flight meals in the galley of an airliner, circa (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

This Is What Your Flight Looked Like In The Fifties

Vintage Photos of Airplane Travel and Celebrities

Private Party A couple enjoys both privacy and attentive service in an airplane’s private suite in the

Back when airlines served a full meal in flight, 1958 - those were the days when customer service really meant something!

Great Heights In The Swissair Archive

Nostalgic photos from the 1950s golden age of flying

Now that is a fruit platter! Suited passengers are offered a selection of fresh produce which looks nothing like modern airline meals