Vintage Christmas Magazine 1945 - Christmas jumper

Floyd beemed with pride as Harley Joe held the macramé hanger they made for maw

10 Funny and Strange Vintage Christmas Photos! - PROJECT B - Vintage Photographs, Curatorial Projects & Limited Edition Prints

Blanche smiled as she secretly imagined what part of him she would blend first for getting her a blender for their anniversary.

Clarisse has a death grip on her new that when Orville turns around she won't drop it when she clonks him over the head with it.

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17 Vintage Christmas Ornaments We'd Love to Hang on Our Tree

Inez preferred to celebrate Christmas by keeping her cup full and her bedpan close.

vintage everyday: 43 Interesting Vintage Snapshots Captured Middle-Aged Women Posing Next To Christmas Trees from the

Lovely Family getting ready for Christmas Morning Mass

Notice all the girls have their hair rolled up in their pink sponge rollers so they would be all pretty for Christmas Day.