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26 Vintage Red Cross Posters from WWI - red cross posters

WAC Recruitment Poster

This vintage World War II poster features a smiling female officer of the US Army Medical Corps. It reads, "You Are Needed Now, Join The Army Nurse Corps, Apply At Your Red Cross Recruiting Station".

Happy 107th Birthday to the Navy Nurse Corps!

"Honored as a Nurse.Respected as an Officer - NAVY" ~ Vintage illustration of a Navy Nurse getting her cap from The Betty H.

This poster was one of several created by House of Seagram Art Director Seymour R. Goff in 1942, during World War II. (Goff is also known as Ess ar gee, and sometimes referred to as Henry Goff.) The House of Seagram Distillery, in Montreal, Canada, joined the war effort by running a campaign to instruct the public to not speak of any troop activity or factory production, lest enemy ears be listening. The House of Seagram posters were put up in taverns around the United States.

"Loose Lips Might Sink Ships" stylized war art poster of a sinking ship published by House of Seagram. - Image of Seagram Distillers Corporation poster Loose Lips Might Sink Ships.

"Symbol of Life", a U.S. Army Nurse Corps recruiting poster, via flickr.com/photos/raycadaster

“Symbol of Life - The Caduceus, worn by the Army Nurse, symbolizes life for our wounded, hope for our homes; a future, not just a past for these fighting men. Ten thousand registered nurses are needed.

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Five Thousand Nurses By June ~ Graduate Nurses our Country Needs You ~WWI era 1917 nursing poster.