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but really

They all have dark hair. They don't know I exist That is literally it.

i'm secretly rooting for dad  hahahaha jkjk i'm wearing a tee shirt that says,"TRUMP 2k16"  go dadddddd

I feel like Trump and Hillary are divorced parents fighting over custody of us. But we kind of just wanna go live with grandma. Or grandpa Bernie.

forever alone

I used took be the tool one but now I told a dog which is sooooooooooo much better

We bought 12 donuts for 3 people and the lady at the donut shop said "your gonna make a lot of people happy" and we just laughed cuz it's just 3 people

Omg yes I do that all the time and people gawk at me when I eat souch and am the size of a twig.

I use to work at Dairy Queen and it served Pepsi. Id never ask this because I never met someone who wanted Coke that wasnt just asking for cola.

My brother actually said this to a waitress once.he was going to, but he didn't have enough nerve, so my dad told the waitress that he was going to.

I can't remember if I pinned this already, but it is especially applicable to me so I'll pin it again...

Funny pictures about You and a calendar. Oh, and cool pics about You and a calendar. Also, You and a calendar photos.


19 Things Only Awkward People Know To Be True

Someone from Derby posted a whisper, which reads "One time in school this kid started choking on a roll and instead of helping I said "how breadful" and that pretty much sums up how useful I am in emergencies "

Bake or cook

you just realized. bacon sounds like it has the word bake in it and cookies has the word cook in it


I'm the last one and I will eat all the cake I want and wear a damn bikini when I want to. Watch me