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French Pussy Willow

French Pussy Willow - has white fluff things in winter. I remember growing up back in Virginia and we would get these and say they were our lucky rabbit tail.

Pussy willow branches obviously for soft silky texture or sculpture structor.

Pussy Willow Care – How To Plant A Pussy Willow Tree

Few small trees or large shrubs are as easy to grow as the pussy willow. When growing a pussy willow tree, you'll find care of the small tree is minimal when it is planted in the right place.

Pruning willow (leave an inch above the ground) and the best salix (willow) varieties Best deer-resistant willows, for fencing and hedging (a.k.a. fedges) or otherwise: “This is important to tell gardeners about,” says Michael. “The purpurea willows are deer-resistant. So for a fedge or fence it’s really great–and even gracilis or nana makes a dense bush, 4 by 4 feet, that they won’t jump over.”  But will they keep in farm animals that are notorious about escaping, like pigs and goats?

pruning willow, and the best salix varieties

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we would go to grandpa's on a spring day and he would take out his old pocket knife and cut pussywillows for us.I haven't seen a pussywillow since he passed away.

Salix gracilistylus Melanostachys catkins, by Justine Hand, Gardensita

Trend Alert: Black Pussy Willow

Black pussy Willows--Much like the standard (and lovable) gray variety, Salix gracilistylus ‘Melanostachys’ or black pussy willows, burst forth in the early spring with bunny-like blooms or catkins, in this case in a velvety, jet black.