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VICTORY!  Animal Planet pulls anti-wolf show!

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up Stop Animal Planet’s anti-wolf travesty. Save Wolves, Lynx From Cruel Traps in Idaho.

Annuler son projet de loi visant à tuer les loups

Wolves- on Mount Lyakion, a place to worship Zeus, men were supposedly transformed into wolves, as a form of (kind of) human sacrifice

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up!

The red wolf is a smaller and a more slender cousin of the gray wolf.

Tell Congress: Protect Wildlife – Not Corporate Interests and Polluters  Wolves Playing, Photo Contest FY13, (c) Deb and Jim Chagares

Tell Congress: Protect Wildlife – Not Corporate Interests and Polluters Wolves Playing, Photo Contest (c) Deb and Jim Chagares

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Dog-Wolf Family Tree More Complex Than Scientists Thought A new study has found that today’s dogs are more closely related to each other th.

Mexican Gray Wolves ~ Boy on left, Girl on right.

Mexican gray wolves please sign petition and share for signatures

Tragedy in Idaho... State Gov approves killing of wolves. Citizens of Idaho stand up! These are your tax dollars at work, murdering wolves.

Sign Petition: Help Stop a Killing Contest on National Forest Lands!

Endangered Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi)

Help Stop The Wolf Slaughter With Your Matched Gift

North America’s rarest wolves will finally receive the status of endangered species. Forty years ago, these wolves almost became extinct before the few remaining were held in a captive breeding program. Thanks to the efforts of animal activists as well as a petition by ForceChange, the animals will be accorded protection in a bid to revive their population.

Ban Livestock Grazing in Mexican Wolf Recovery Area author: Animal Advocates target: Fish And Wildlife Service, David Hayes, Secretary Sally.

artic wolf

Gut and Spine shooting a wolf needs to be stopped. This is nothing but cruelty, hunters stand around and wait for the signatures on petition)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dessin de leopard allonger imprimer"

Its a natural habitation place where you see the animals going about their normal business of hunting for the wild for food

Family fishing in Alaska

Roman Golubenko posted this picture to National Geographic's Your Shot photo community. Check it out, add a comment, share it, and more.

Stop the needless slaughter of Yellowstone bison! - The Rainforest Site - Yellowstone is home to one of the last genetically pure wild herds of bison left in North America.