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Ag to be here with you... a simple life away from the complicated world. To read, to write and just to be together... heaven on earth!! LAB

The Perfect Evening - reading a good book as the rain pitter patters on the windows. A cup of steaming hot chocolate.

reading & coffee - essentials for the soul.

Saturday morning in Covent Garden, London. Coffee and book. This place is now on my bucket list

Αν φύγεις εκεί που η θάλασσα σμίγει με μουσικές και με φώτα   να θυμάσαι κάνει κρύο σ’ αυτό τον παράξενο κόσμο   δεν έχω τίποτε άλλο, μόνο δάκρυα   που παίζουν με το μουσκεμένο φως του δρόμου [Αισθηματικό Τραγούδι] Του Νίκου – Αλέξη Ασλάνογλου

This photo is luminous because the lights on the buildings illuminate the city even through the rainy weather. Elements include pattern, depth of field, color and open composition.

This would be a perfect and cozy escape for me right now

"I dont think anyone understands how much i want this, just to live in a peaceful place like finland and have such a beautiful view in a cute little house. Life would be completely perfect.

Tbh if it was raining and I was staying inside, I'd be in a giant sweater and leggings...

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45 Cute Rainy Day Outfits to Look Fabulous even in Monsoons

45 Cute Rainy Day Outfits to Look Fabulous even in Monsoons

Such an easy way to decorate and a great way to make a craft with kids!

Take paper lanterns to the next level with this Paper Pumpkin Lanterns craft. This paper craft will surprise you with just how easy it is.