Piet Oudolf  » Oudolf Hummelo

Piet Oudolf » Oudolf Hummelo

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Autumn colour: Piet Oudolfs design for Pensthorpe, where drifts of grasses and perennials come into their own at this time of year

piet oudolf landscape with pond and woody shrubs . photo andrea jones

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An autumn landscape: Filipendula camtschatica in the foreground and Aster puniceus in wet ground near a pond at Montpelier Cottage.

Piet Oudolf » Pensthorpe

The gardens of Piet Oudolf, a leading figure in “plant structure/design”particularly renowned for his urban gardens, including High Line in New York.

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Piet Oudolf ~ Entry garden walkway, Toronto Botanical Garden, November Oudolf's first Canadian project. Photo by Helen Battersby.