How adorable is this little house!!

Fairy gardens are so beautiful, I guess that's why the fairies are attracted to them. They are also built with love, another reason you can't keep those fairies away. Small gardens with fairy houses

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20 Gorgeous English Thatched Cottages

10 beautiful photos of the English countryside including thatched cottages, Sherwood Forest and the Norfolk Broads.

English Cottage & Gardens.

English Cottage & Gardens.

Lovely little storybook cottage

Cottage on the Point in Carmel-by-the-Sea, a city in Monterey County, California. Hugh Comstock, inspired by the Fairytale Illustrations of Arthur Rackham, is credited with starting the Fairytale Cottage style in Carmel.

Known as 'Little Sugar Pine' cottage, on the property deed (or AKA 'Snow White's Summer House' in the illustrated book "Fairy tale Houses of Carmel"with illustrations by Joanne Mathewson, found  at the Tuck Box in Carmel-by-the-Sea) Sadly, this home was torn down in 2010 and now there is a newly built mediterranean-style home, it's on Lincoln St. Sadly, too many of the early cottages in Carmel-by the-Sea, have been torn down for various reasons or no longer listed as historical homes: carmel…

Snow White’s Summer Place - one of the fairytale cottages built by Hugh Comstock in Carmel -by-the Sea

Blooms with a view....Summer in Ireland

Beautiful cottage garden- I love cottages and cottage gardens they are just tooooooo cute - New Gardening Ideas