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Picture of How to make a LilyPad Arduino LED skirt

How to Make a LilyPad Arduino LED Skirt

Wearable Tech: Phone-Control Garments Charge Fashion Runways

Wearable Tech: Phone-Control Garments Charge Fashion Runways

I love the sleek look Cute Circuit gave the Mercedes pilot suit, making it versatile for dance parties, concerts, DJing, etc.: The special suit illuminates and reproduces animations in high definit…

20 photos To Show Luminous Fashion Amazing Stunning - Lupsona

Luminous Fashion Lights Up The Confident Man

Kleding met Leds die je zelf kan bedienen via bluetooth. CuteCircuits Lights Up Fashion Week With an LED-Enabled Miniskirt

how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment - another DIY inspiration for future projects

How to Add EL Wire to a Coat or Other Garment

As a lighted costume designer, I get a lot of questions from people who want to know how to make their own EL wire costumes.

The Pinterest 100: Wearables aren't just watches anymore. Tech-infused clothing is taking off, from light-up cycling pants to heart-rate-tracking vests.

Safety tips for cyclists

A cyclist jacket that has a LED display that indicates the direction they are going to help ensure safety.