Devil's Tower - Wyoming

Devil's Tower, Wyoming, USA - It's funny, my first thought was "Hay, thats the rock tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Devils Tower, Wyoming. Done

In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower the first National Monument. In 1978 Stephen Spielberg used it in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Lake Powell (Arizona)

Lake Powell Arizona U.A///Nice try Arizona. Lake Powell is almost completely in Utah. Just the area near the dam and bridge is in Arizona.

Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah photo via rita - Blue Pueblo

Zion National Park - Utah USA - I loved this place and truly hope that I am able to go there again. Along with Bryce Canyon.

Telerude, Colorado

I've been here too! Telluride is really small. Just finding a coffee place and taking some time to relish the surroundings makes it awesome! Telluride, CO because everyone should go there once in their life! I've been here and I agree - it's awesome!

If you would know the earth for what it really is, learn it through its sacred places. At Devil’s Tower or Canyon de Chelly or the Cahokia Mounds, you touch the pulse of the living planet; you feel its breath upon you. You become one with a spirit that pervades geologic time and space. -N. Scott Momaday via She Sings to the Stars

Devil’s Tower in the Black Hills area of northeastern Wyoming, USA – Its top is feet m) above the surrounding terrain. Devil’s Tower was the first declared United States National Monument, established on September by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Zion Canyon, Utah

Watchman Towers, Zion Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah by Jeffrey Murray

Jasper National Park - Alberta, Canada

Edith Cavell and Cavell Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada by Ron Niebrugge

Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges Monument | The Sipapu Natural Bridge in the Natural Bridges National Monument in ...

We were here: Landscape Arch in Devil's Garden - Arches National Park. This arch is in danger of falling apart now. It might not be like this too long.

Lake Louise Canada

Lake Louise - Banff National Park ~ Alberta, Canada by kevin mcneal. I'd love to go to a lake where you can see the snowy mountains in the distance.

Spider Rock , Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona. Wonderful* From +Leisure Escapes on Google+

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona (Navajo Reservation) I've been here and it was beautiful. The legend of Spider Woman is enough to give kids nightmares.


stars over Yosemite. Day Genesis And God said Let there be lights in heavens to divide the day from the night and to give light upon the earth; God made 2 lights, the greater for the day and lesser light to rule the night and he made the stars also.