The Hassan II Mosque is in Casablanca and is the largest mosque in Morocco and the fifth largest in the world. Designed by French architect Michel Pinseau, it stands on the edge of the coast looking out to the Atlantic; the water can be seen through a giant glass floor with space for 25,000 worshippers. A further 80,000 can be accommodated in the mosque's adjoining grounds for a total of 105,000 worshippers present at any given time at the Hassan II mosque. Its minaret is the world's…

Blue and green: Hassan II Mosque The Hassan II Mosque is in Casablanca Largest mosque in Morocco largest/ world. Designed by French architect Michel Pinseau. The minaret is the world's tallest at 210 m ft).

Travel Dream #30 will be difficult but one can dream, right?  Visit Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran.

The amount of beauty and art that resides in the Middle East is extraordinary. From natural beauties to Islamic Art, the Middle East is the kind of place t

A detail of the beautiful Moghadam house - Tehran - Iran

A detail of the beautiful Moghadam house - Tehran - Iran Material used here and the colours

Beautiful tile work

Beautiful Tile Art from the shrine of famous Sufi Saint - Hazrat Sachal Sarmast located in village Daraza of district Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan. This tile work from Pakistan is famously known as "Kashi-gari".

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Iran,kashan *Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists - we are being manipulated against one another slow wars by The United States of Israel *

Moroccan art...                                                                                                                                                                                 More #islamicarchitecture

Moroccan art... More #islamicarchitecture

Tabriz mosque entrance

Tabriz mosque entrance: aka the blue mosque in Iran. study the colors and patterns and craftsmanship of places.

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