I think there's some sort of landmark in the background....not sure.

Oh look.the Eiffel tower.wish those Abercrombie and Fitch models would move so I could get a better view.

Be still, my heart!

Top 25 Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aviero is widely regarded as one of the best football (soccer) players in the world now and for ever - this Hubpage features the top 20 Cristiano Ronaldo quotes. Ronaldo is an amazing player and is the most expensive.

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This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

Ryan Wieber. Jordan Wieber's (olympic gymnast) older brother...sooo hot

Meet Ryan Wieber, Jordyn's Hot Older Brother

Again, I don't know him. But that shirt is amazing. I'm pretty sure it could make any guy 10% more attractive.

josh bowman, Daniel Grayson in "Revenge". I don't know who he is, but I can tell you who he looks like. ) Any NHS girls got me on this?

Josh... goodness I can't handle all this attractiveness.... still friggin adorable even all grown up

Josh Hutcherson looks sooooooo amazingly hot in these Red Dawn I need to see this movie RIGHT NOW!