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Lmao!!!! I Don't Know If All Vaginas Can Take A Pounding.. WHO AN I KIDDING YES THEY CAN!!

Why do people say ‘Grow some balls?’ Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. - Betty White this women is the image of bad ass.hell yeah grow a vagina!

// yeah we're going to have dessert too it's called desert the table

EVERY day my kid asks "what's for dinner?" I reply "food". He says "what kind of food?" I reply "The kind you eat. It is what is it - they'll eat it or starve ;

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Its true Clear jars are a collectors best friend. So true! In Memory of My Best Friend Breast Cancer Heart Tee true

Happy Wednesday!

Evening espresso (20 photos)

"Don't make me flip my bitch switch." - Wednesday Addams The Addams Family movie movies meme

You forgot  "Zipper merge, bitches!", "What are you waiting for, a gold-engraved invitation?!", and "The light doesn't get any greener!"

Yup that's me haha! Does someone have my car bugged? This is ME! Also, when they are driving slowly(on the Phone) I lay down on the horn! if i cant drive they cant talk!

I know, right? Then I have to explain why I have a funny bruise from where I hit myself.

I hate when I'm trying to pull the blankets up and I punch myself in the face.or pull my sleeve up and punch myself in the boob.

I don't understand why people have to "get ready" for bed. I'm always ready for bed.


Funny pictures about Husband has the sniffles. Oh, and cool pics about Husband has the sniffles. Also, Husband has the sniffles.