Inspired by spirality and landscape, Gary created this spirally road which she injected strong emotions into with the use of dominant and vivid colours. The road, if viewed vertically, forms a straight pathway from top to end. However, if you view from sideways, the path is rugged and rough. In one's life, there are sweetness and bitterness, what you experience often depends on the angle you view it from.

A river of red flowers and green foliage. FlexiGrass will recreate this look, or use Puzzle Stix for a faster effect

Exotic flowers

Birds in Paradise.exotic arrangement of Birds of Paradise with vibrant purple dendrobium orchids and lush greenery. Beneva Flowers - Sarasota,FL Love this dynamic color combination.


Susan Penney - PASSION: Three hot pink carnation spheres balanced with curly willow and a tight carpet of green anastasia and hot pink carnations make this piece modern, edgy and intense.