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ZPD Summer Day Off

This has something that has to do with this picture drawn by Byron Howard (Zootopia Director): here I heard thats its currently summer holida.

I like to smile, smiling's my favorite!

pyrophoricitee: “ “ “ “ trashasaurusrex: “ After my friend’s little suggestion, I wanted to do something a little nice w/Papa and his baby


““Overtime” (Nick’s tongue on Judy’s head XD) By: CIWI ” Disgusting but adorable XD

nick and judy ship zootopia

Nick and Judy, partners in crime. View "Zootopia Fanart That Will Make You Ship Nick and Judy SO HARD" and more funny posts on Dorkly


annoyed anthro badge canine clothing disney duo female fox fur grey_fur hi_res judy_hopps lagomorph long_ears male mammal nick_wilde orange_fur police_uniform predator/prey rabbit size_difference standing tight_clothing underguo uniform zootopia