Judy Hopps Sweet Cheese and Crackers! by Furboz

I Just wanted to draw Judy Hopps but I ended up drawing a full comic I already saw this movie twice, hope you can see it soon It's simply Fantastic Judy Hopps Sweet Cheese and Crackers!

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disney zootopia infographic--- I'm sure there are other districts too! it's so interestingggg


Zootopia Info-graph Guys go see the movie it's so amazing. It has fantastic themes for kids but has big themes for adults. The movie is basically all about Racism and how it needs to stop. It's such a great movie, enjoyable for any age group!

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I like how it shows them seamlessly working together - I know! Great fanart too, love the flow. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, zootopia

Cocky fox

thesleevia: “Another naturalist experience! Poor Judy must be traumatized XD This is the first comic strip I’ve ever tried… hope it looks alright!


Too much emotions at Drawing. Try NOT throwing the drawing tablet, use the Fox 😂

This is me. So me. Pin wasn't made by me, but I edited the last comment on it to a more . . . appropriate exclamation. Hope you like it.

Am I obsessed with WildeHopps? lol XD >>>> Pin wasn't made by me, but I (Noctus Fury) edited the last comment on it to a more .

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