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Rain- the daughter of Aspen and Storm. She's smart, fast, brave, kind, and strong- all of the traits her parents have.

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Mud- a fighter who is fun to be around. When Storm offered for him to join the Jagged Mountain Pack, he almost didn't accept.

Tonori: "Father I don't know what to do! Aunt is taking over and I am powerless....what can I do?"

Chip,male, Warrior of IronSides Pack, Son of Mirror and Laser, brother to Nip and Slip. Mate of Onyx.

Bloodspill Concept by KayFedewa on DeviantArt

i havent actually gone back to update this recently - i did this a few months ago so it does need work still. but i realized i hadnt uploaded a colored .

Resultado de imagen para lobos anime

Resultado de imagen para lobos anime

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"zero") Age: 4 years Gender: Male Breed: Unknown Wing markings can transform into actual wings. Note: Wing markings disappear when transformed into wings.

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She wanted a wolf to be the big brother of her OC Kito. :Elements of War: -trade-

Zira. Hunter. She's very shy, yet becomes very close friends with wolves that open up to her. She will defend her friends fiercely until the day she dies. She's extremely loyal and faithful. Even though she's female, she hopes to one day become strong enough to be a packer. She looks up to cringe

Amethyst- a funny and kind he-wolf that everyone in the Crystal River Pack loves.