Spiral staircase

Bristol Palace Hotel staircase in Genoa, Italy. Shot by my favorite photographer.

Le scale a chiocciola più affascinanti del mondo

“The Drunken Painter & the Staircase” – Carsten Heyer A long spiral staircase, found in Germany, with a touch of bright red coloring.

Awesome spiral staircase  #stairs

Amazing Examples Of Architecture Photography

+& forever lost ______________ same endless vortex : lighthouse skeleton and lighthouse DNA this time, down attraction. ignorance is blissed Part of my bosni.

Stunning photograph of spiral stairs in the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Vancouver.

Spiral out.keep going Taken at BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver Canada. The DNA staircase reminds me of Lateralus by Tool, one of the best damn songs in the universe.

Мои закладки

Мои закладки

Eye c u! Some designers are amazing!

This green "Eye" is formed by a tall spiral staircase in a brick tower, reaching toward the bell inside the Lamberti Tower, Verona Italy. (You are looking upward into the bell tower:) By Davide Lombardi

'Look up' wide angle lens/fish eye. Spiral stairs works well, also maybe below a statue.   ..rh

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Photo by Jef Van Den Houte | http://jefvdh.500px.com/#/3

Black Hole by Jef Van Den Houte Photographic Print on Canvas-This spiral staircase image will draw you in from Architectural photos, wall decor, black and white art