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7 sexy foods guaranteed to make sex better!

7 Foods Guaranteed to Make Sex Better (PHOTOS)

Pinned for pic, pomegranates in a wine glass; could put in the crystal flutes

50 Ways to Be Sexier Right Now Pinterest @Sagine_1992 Sagine☀️

How to be Sexy: 40 Tips Every Woman Should Know

I really want to know why the hell they put a 12 year old on the cover to teach me how to be sexier! Is this a trick or from another sick ass country?

10 Reasons to Keep Lemons in Stock

10 Reasons Lemon Juice Is a Superfood. Me> ever since I had a kidney stone 5 years ago, I drink hot water with a lemon juice instead of OJ every other morning. Really believe it has helped me in sooo many ways.

洋蔥淚不淚!? 不再賺人熱淚的洋蔥!

洋蔥淚不淚!? 不再賺人熱淚的洋蔥


wild-hydrangea: “ garden-of-vegan: “ Pomegranate Seeds ” mmm reminds me of sweet summertimeeee ”

pomegranate jelly recipe

Pomegranate Jelly

25 Days of Christmas Cheer :: Day 15 :: Pomegranate Jelly Recipe Includes useful instructions on how post-processing works with packet pectin.