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Sir Clap Trap Wallpaper by magnaen.deviantart.com

Sir Clap Trap Wallpaper x Borderlands

Idealism is the strive for perfection in a world of imperfection. Most people visualize their perfect life, or a perfect world. These ideals are often transferred into art. In the game industry, this is most often seen with female protagonists such as Bayonetta. Even though she is immensely strong, her proportions do not match her power. She is kept idealistic, thin waist and curves, in order to attract male gamers to a female protagonist. Art by Mari Shimazaki.

Bayonetta PC Gameplay PlatinumGames’ legendary director Hideki Kamiya brings one of the most universally acclaimed character action games of all time to PC.


One project done and dusted in a week. I had to create a series of posters that have been influenced by Art Nouveau so I figured, there are now 3 bioshock games, TADAH series complete

Faster Than Light by MattNB.deviantart.com on @deviantART

More old stuff, just some fan art of FTL. Faster Than Light

Gamma gun - Fallout Wiki - Wikia

Gamma gun

The gamma gun is a weapon in Fallout The gamma gun is a very crude weapon overall, and.

bridge of spaceship - Google Search

Image inspirée par le jeu vidéo FTL: Faster Than Light. Picture inspired by the video game FTL: Faster Than Light. FTL: The United Federation !

Jimiyo  Gameboy Tetris Tribute to Alexey

Jimiyo Gameboy Tetris Tribute to Alexey

UNSC Charon class light Frigate

Pillar of Autumn

General 3000x1500 spaceship science fiction FTL Faster Than Light Kestrel Cruiser

Scout Ship in the Hanger Deck for Maintenance.