Race korat cat breed * * I've lost my mind ands I iz pretty sure deh kittens took it."

Korat Cat: The Korat cat breed is a small to medium sized cat with males weighing pounds and females weighing pounds. The body is well muscled and powerful with a broad chest.

The Russian Blue is a beautiful cat breed that comes in only one coat color and density, which is the uniform grayish blue hue that we all instantly recognize. Their majestic eyes draw us in, and this breed is adored …

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These cats are actually considered to be a good luck charm. In Russian folklore, the Russian Blue has long since been considered as a symbol of good luck, and the premier cat choice for many Russian Czars of legend.

Korat Cat

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Will hopefully become a member of my family soon! A Korat cat.

Aristocat!!...so Regal looking..

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Gera owns a Russian blue cat called Frina. Jossie swears that she's planning world domination.

The loyal Korat.

Korater opdrætter: Friederike Brinsch is a Danish korat breeder, living near Flensburg in Germany, and is breeding under the prefix DK Meejai.

Best Cat Breeds for Families: RUSSIAN BLUE | They're reserved cats but very loving. Their reserved nature makes them shy around strangers but when they're around people that they know, they love to be part of the activities. They also love to sleep w/ their family members, which is just 1 aspect of their loving nature.

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The Russian Blue Cat is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. They develop close bonds with their owners and are sought out as pets due to their personalities, beauty and coat.

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Russian Blue cat It's like someone came in my house and took a picture of Pretty. This is my buddy.

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35 Cats with totally cool cat marking

For Sale Korat Cats For Sale Korat Cats up For Stud Korat Breeders -What…

Russian Blue

best russian blue cat personality images ideas - most affectionate cat breed how much a fluffy russian blue kitty / kitten price ?

Korat cat

Korat cat

I reallyyy want a Korat. They're so beautiful.

Korats have heart-shaped heads. They can easily be confused with Russian Blues. The Korat's coat is darker and the green eyes are said to have more yellow than the Russian Blue's eyes. Then there is the Chartreux - gray with gold-to-copper eye color.

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Some people say that a Korat cat can turn a cat hater into a cat lover. Well, no one has proven this theory, but this breed has been always considered a sign of