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Flying kites - I still love doing this.with a better kite.

kid with unflying kite...çocuk ve uçamayan uçurtması...

kid with unflying kite.çocuk ve uçamayan uçurtması.

Someone took this same picture of me when I was a child.  Only it was a red kite and I was on Lake Erie.

Strike These Photography Poses for Perfectly Stunning Beach Pics



Kite festival. Good times.

Kite festival. Good times.

#Greek #KatharaDeftera - #GreenMonday The end of #Carnival is marked by #Green or #CleanMonday, the start of #Lent.  Large groups head to the beaches with green picnics of lettuce, rocket, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, peppers, artichokes, tahini, taramosalata, houmous, calamari, shellfish and lagana bread. During Lent fasting Greeks forgo meat, and cheese. A favourite activity on this day is kite-flying. Kali Sarakosti! Photo: www.PaphosTravelGuide.com. Post: Nikki at www.pissouribay.com.

Beautiful sunny days, nice winds and a beautiful kite .

Kite Flying -- Did this on Sunday by the Washington Memorial! Was lovely :)

I always loved building and flying kites when I was growing up. March winds were the best time to do it. Beware the "kite eating" tree!

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Photographs from University of Illinois "Kite Derby Day," 1957 VIA butdoesitfloat

Colourful kites.

Summer Sky ::The wind is carrying the kites in a magical dance up in the sky::