Sleep talks

My favorite part is "my cousins boyfriend raps in french in his sleep" it reminds me of Lafayette. thats why its in my Hamilton board

Community Post: 21 Tumblr Jokes That Are So Bad They're Good

21 Tumblr Jokes That Are So Bad They're Good

"Hasta la"

Post with 7651 votes and 350666 views. Japanese technique of preserving/antiquing wood

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 10-4

In defense of nude sleeping, parents already know what's there, sooo.

tum If you get this joke I like you

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Humor. Can I tell my math teacher I'm atheist and can't solve exponential functions due to the fact that I don't believe in higher powers or.

That's the best response ever

Honestly though, if someone dumped a bunch of goats in my parents' lawn, I'd probably have no choice but to marry them, regardless of who it was. There's no way I'd find someone better than that.

The funny thing is is that this would actually work

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works