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'tomodachi' - friend is the name of this kokeshi with cat.

Japanese Kimono Kokeshi Doll.

Japanese Kimono Kokeshi Doll - I have a similar one that I need to dig out of a box and put on display!

Кокеши - японские куклы-талисманы: ochendaje

Кокеши - японские куклы-талисманы: ochendaje

Let's look at kokeshi | What to Do at Usaburo Kokeshi? | Usaburo Kokeshi is a sosaku kokeshi (a new type of kokeshi (wooden doll), which is created in Japan).

Kokeshi by Noboru Tamura titled Yumemoyo. Prize of the Minister of International Trade and Industry, etc. Born in 1950 in Gunma Prefecture.

Japanese Antique Wooden Doll Kimono KOKESHI Vintage Japan

Japanese Antique Wooden Doll Kimono KOKESHI Vintage Japan

PiNK GiRL KoKeSHi DoLL ___The single large brush stroke of her hair.

beautiful kokeshi (dolls and statues are like 3D illustrations, no?)

Her name is Izumi and she was made by the artist, Oki Idumi. She is a "creative kokeshi doll" and is made using wood from the mizuki tree. She's even more beautiful in real life.