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Where to buy Buff Cochin Bantam Chickens

Silver Lakenvelder Chickens for Sale, Buy Silver Lakenvelder Spanish Chicks

Where to buy Silver Lakenvelder Chicken

A Unique and Rare White Egg Layer - Silver Lakenvelder Chickens

Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes! *Don't see why this shouldn't work for any metal water bowl left outside in winter!

Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes!

Toulouse geese

Where to buy Toulouse Goose

Have Toulouse Goslings safely shipped directly to you. This enormous breed is an excellent brooder and prolific egg laying heavyweight.

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Want to know where to buy chickens and other poultry like ducks, geese, turkeys, and gamebirds? eFowl provides a marketplace for farms and hatcheries.

Cuckoo Maran Chickens- I like these kind!

Where to buy Cuckoo Marans Chickens

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Buff Orpingtons - is that they easily adapt to many different environments. They may be raised as free range chickens and are also very adaptable to confinement due to their docile temperament. Orpingtons are known to be quite friendly and will make pleasant pets in addition to their typical farm functionality, but when exposed to other breeds of chicken they do tend to be bullied.

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German Spitzhauben Chicks - White eggs

Chickens for sale for your backyard chicken flock or pet chicken coop. Connect with farms and hatcheries selling baby chicks near you.

Solar-powered chicken coop - light, automatic door - i would add a heater for the waterer

Solar-powered chicken coop - light, automatic door -add a heater for the waterer. I might be able to take the winter off from replacing frozen waterers!