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I see a green eye & freckles.

Quando a gente pensa que a dor vai durar para sempre - STEFANY

Quando a gente pensa que a dor vai durar para sempre

Quando a gente pensa que a dor vai durar para sempre - STEFANY



You know those love songs will break your heart

Hugo and Lily counted each other’s freckles every year.

В детстве и юности многие переживают, что веснушки портят их внешность, но с возрастом приходит понимание, что они придают особую красоту. В этом посте — портреты очаровательных девушек, которых «поцеловало солнце»

Gorgeous girl with frekles! portrait Photo: Luca Hollestelle by Agata Serge

What makeup shades flatter green eyes? We asked four celebrity makeup artists how to make emerald eyes sparkle

Eyes can tell so much...

Chicas con pecas

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Por amor as causas perdidas

Por amor as causas perdidas

Redhead senior pictures and picture ideas for red heads. #redheadseniorpictures

Stunning Photos Of Redheads Show The 'Most Beautiful Genetic Mutation'

Warning: The ravishing redheads in Maja Topcagic's photographs may induce major hair envy. Whether you're lucky enough to have a headful of crimson-hued hair, or you don't (but still believe tha.


pink lips and freckles

Te atreves con un toque peach?

Lauren de Graaf photographed by Tom Newton for Into the Gloss Makeup: Georgi Sandev Hair: Gonn Kinoshita


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beautiful!! : )

recessive recessive ~ to have red hair, she has to inherit two copies of the recessive gene (melanocortin 1 receptor, one from each parent. Red hair and green eyes like me:)

Red Hair Color for Black Women | Certainly this black female is purely exotic;

Red Hair Green Eyes- what a beautiful woman

Elves Faeries Gnomes:  #Elf.

Orange haired elf - and her story tells itself, too. Has to be an elf princess

Adorable baby girl

I love red headed babies. I do hope we have at least one red-headed baby like this Wittle puddin'. When I saw this I laughed cause I wished the whole time I was Pregnant with Addi that shed b red headed!