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Never good enough.. Not even to my damn self

I'm tired of not feeling good enough for anyone. I try so damn hard. I change myself, I lose myself so I could be good enough and it's never enough. I'm damn tired.

I wonder..

Quote: I hope someday you'll find an old picture of me and you'll wonder if i still love strawberry milkshakes more than life itself or if i still request a pinky promise upon agreement and maybe you'll even wonder if i wonder about you.

'Lions and Sheep' @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

Put your head up "he said" for you are a lion. Don't forget that and neither will the sheep Poem: "Lion & Sheep"

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Jack Frost & Queen Elsa:Will you be my snoflake and fall for me?Only if…

Ship Jelsa, or Elsa and Jack Frost. I think they would be adorable together. Jack also has ice powers just as Elsa. He could help her control it. Elsa isolated herself for years and so did jack. This is why they are perfect to me.