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I'm sorry but I find this hilarious. Why wouldn't you vaccinate your baby!? That's asking for it to get sick.

House knew 10 years ago what some don't today

Funny pictures about Missing Her Vaccinations? Oh, and cool pics about Missing Her Vaccinations? Also, Missing Her Vaccinations?

The Best Closed Captions

18 Of The Best Closed Captions… Sadly GoKarts and Sobbing Mathematically would be great band names.// Dudes I got tears in my eyes for laughing too hard!// omg loudly implied cannibalism I can't

Don’t worry, it’s treatable…

Don’t worry, it’s treatable…

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Do you know who I am...House

Do you know who I am?

I was sooo obsessed with House, especially with my medical career interests and diagnostic ultrasound background.


"Everybody does stupid things, it shouldn’t cost them everything they want in life." Gregory House, M. House M. by Ferenc Konya

Hello, Ms. Toostupidtolive. That's albuterol, not White Diamonds.

Do You Know Why it's Called an Inhaler?

House: Are you using your inhaler? Patient: All the time. House: You sure you're using it right? Patient: Do I look like an idiot? House: No.Why don't you show me how your inhaler works? Hahah, House MD tv show quotes

House Is Really Something Else

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Funny pictures about House Diagnoses. Oh, and cool pics about House Diagnoses. Also, House Diagnoses photos.

Bill Nye the Photoshopped Guy

Bill Nye the Photoshopped Guy

Funny pictures about Bill Nye's Many Identities. Oh, and cool pics about Bill Nye's Many Identities. Also, Bill Nye's Many Identities photos.

10 Fresh Memes Today! #10 When Sweden Plays Against Denmark.

House, close enough

House, close enough

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