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Am I the only one I know Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat Shadows will scream that I'm alone

Caputcor: Asoftwrongness: 157 Isnt At All Better

buddy to rando

from saeran; from yoosung ----- and i was sorely mistaken. from jihyun

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it's been a lonely year

Elijah and Kaleb

Elijah and Kaleb

I have a passion for many things...

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You'll never be forgotten mom ♡ Love your heartbroken daughter ~Candy

for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic || pinterest + insta: @kylenehashimoto

for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic INFJ

Matt Murdock

▪ censored for your protection ▪

♛ Pinterest: @kinglarr22 Instagram: @lauragarciaxoxo https://www.instagram.com/lauragarciaxoxo

♛ Pinterest: @kinglarr22 Instagram: @lauragarciaxoxo https://www.instagram.com/lauragarciaxoxo

i wonder if you do

Ares and Aphrodite

~But I could handle being the villain. The one thing I couldn't handle was letting anyone else die~

One of the characters telling his new found friends about his life.

The older man hurt me.

Innocence died when you arrived

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it was just ammunition. all of it ammunition.

"I've spent my entire life making people happy when all they did was leave"

Riiippp my poor lost soul