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Vikingsverd - Atle - OakLake

Vikingsverd - Atle - OakLake

This one looks like a viking sword

# 770 Merlin the Wizard Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain -- This is a beautiful blade that I got on clearance at a K's Merchandise. I have used it to give a frame of reference to the Sword that Belengol crafts at the forge in Act IV.

Ulfberht Sword - An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first purest steel blade. This crucial development achieved near-mythical status among warriors, making this one of the most important swords in the study of medieval weapons. The Ulfberht sword was a quantum leap in both technology and design. Not only was the material better, but the design of the sword was a definite improvement. ♠ See more at…

Ulfberht Sword- viking sword made with forged steel. High carbon blade made this a very strong and durable weapon. See UTube or Netflix for 1 hour doc on how a modern day blacksmith recreated the sword using ancient techniques- way cool.

Darksword Oslo Two Handed Viking Sword - Black with integrated Sword Belt

Darksword Oslo Two Handed Viking Sword - Black with integrated Sword Belt. Let the bodies hit the floor

Seax and Sword make a nice matched pair

Viking sword and Seax When I first moved from wooden bokens to steel swords my first was a Viking style sword and I fell in love with its design.

Viking Sites in Norway | swords monument at Hafrsfjord Stavanger Norway

The land of my Viking friend! The three swords monument (Sverd i Fjell) at Hafrsfjord, Stavanger, Norway