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stephanie pena-mermaid lure

missmurrka: kippery: girl soldier is pulled in a pond by horny mermaids uuhh this description sounds like a porno ahahah drew this while i was waiting for food Girl soldier is mai waifu

by http://maruti-bitamin.tumblr.com

maruti-bitamin: “ Tea with cats Simple mixed media commission for Billy. Watercolour + brush pen This is the last of the commissions for a while~ Thank you for all the support!

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This is Koi. She is 18 and can become a koi fish( her namesake) she was imported from Asia to a pond in Japan. She is very shy. Mermaids with different fish!

Acayia {Maryanneleslie}

The hibiscus flower of the majagua tree Hibiscus tiliaceus lends pink to the hair of possibly the most stylish mermaid these depths have ever seen; watercolor mastery from~Maryanneleslie.

very interesting

mewmii: “mutisija: “ villancikos: “ The Anatomy of a mermaid ” yes, thanks. i hate when people draws mermaid’s tail like it was some sort of goddamn suit on normal human legs like this: it just doesnt work ” yeah we wouldnt want to make our mermaids.